The Chicest Fragranced Shoes For Women Are Here!

Lately people have come to realize that there’s nothing more fascinating than enjoying their own comfort zone in the most chic manner. Fashion has evolved over the years and so have we, women now no longer worry about their size or weight or following the trends blindly. When it comes to buying the perfect pair of shoe, women can probably spend plenty of hours in just finding the right fit for them. And that’s why struggling with the hassles of ankle straps and slender heels is no longer preferred by women.

At first, when you spot a heel on your favourite fashion girl, the only thought that strikes your mind is that you want it too. But soon that sinful feeling fades away when you look at the amount of heels that you already own and have not been worn since ages. While the new sneaker heels are ‘The Thing’ which give you the amazing feeling of walking in heels while being super-comfy! From dainty embellishments to funky fringes and tassels, these scented casual footwears from Scentra will accentuate every bit of your casual look and lend a captivating fragrance to your feet! Scentra shoes are handcrafted using eco-friendly material and are immensely flexible and sturdy.

Ever wondered how innovative and trendy sneakers can get? We’ve got the perfect inspiration for you!

scented casual footwears 1

Fringes have been everywhere lately, from quirky frayed denims to cool fringed bags, we’ve embraced the trend. This one with fringed embellishment will be the reason for you to love wearing shoes throughout the day! The wedge heels make it way more chic and a not-so-casual shoe, the dyed fruity smell just adds up to the awesomeness! The fringes are quite an eye-puller so keep the rest of your look minimal. Club it with a short denim skirt and a turtle neck top while you’re heading out to a night out with your girls!

scented casual footwears 2

A basic pair of black sneakers can be your go-to work shoes. You can simply pair them with decent culottes and shirts or T-shirts (for casual Fridays), and look extremely stylish at work without worrying about the stinky feet because your feet will always smell of fruits. Great, isn’t it? These lend an excellent fit to your feet being flexible and are so versatile that you can go about just any occasion. The best part of sporting this is you can look sexy while still being sporty and add a refined edge to your everyday look! So wear these and flaunt your style effortlessly because walking in heels hasn’t been this easy ever before!

So get your hands on the most unique shoes ever and wear these scented shoes for an endearing showstopper look!


Casual Scented Shoes for Rainy Days!

Monsoon is soon going to be upon us and it’s high time for you to refresh your wardrobe with some scented shoes. As you all know that These days, there is actually a variety of distinct styles available in casual shoes for men that you might buy to figure out if the style suits your personality. Exactly what is great nowadays may possibly be terrible by the next day! However, there are some men’s casual shoes that are normally in fashion and so must be considered when looking for these items:

Casual Scented Shoes


Nowadays, an individual can get slip ons in a whole lot of unique types and also they tend to be preferred basically because of their ease of use. The ‘slip-on’ which is certainly great for casual wear if a person only wanted to go shopping or over to a neighbor’s home or even just to have on around your own family home.



Sneakers are generally always the top casual footwear for men. They are rather well-liked as they support your foot so well which often makes them ultra cozy and enables you to go about your everyday life in a lesser amount of pain. The only thing is you really just cannot wear these to the office so these are more appropriate for evenings and Saturdays and Sundays. However, if you are a student then they are excellent.

Canvas Shoes


Canvas shoes are generally some of the finest casual shoes as they basically go with everything. You can wear these with denims or shorts and they exude casual self esteem. Sometimes you will hear people also refer to them as “boat shoes”. The incredible point is the fashion demand for these types of shoes are rising year upon year.


There are many online and offline stores that proffer a wide range of casual shoes for men, so explore now to buy the best men’s casual scented shoes at the attractive prices.

Casual Shoes To Keep You Cool All Season Long!


No one can ever have too many shoes, but even if that’s not you, you wouldn’t hesitate before buying one of these. Once the temperature gets berserk, everyone wants to savor each moment of comfort. Scentra shoes has embodied certain qualities that assure us that the future holds amazing innovations. These shoes have a certified orthopedic sole, which reassures each buyer that it you are going to right within your comfort zone throughout the swelters and sweats. Along with that it consists of a scented insole, so that you never have to worry about any odor as you don’t have to worry about your looks.

To add the final star, these shoes are made up of a breathable, eco-friendly fabric that helps you take credit for reducing the carbon footprint on the earth. Scentra scented shoes work with everything— the weathers, the mutable fashions and to top it all, almost everything in your wardrobe. You may splendid hues, earthy tones, denims, pants, shorts—hellfire, they even look extraordinary with your formal suit.

Printed Sneakers for Men


A man his judged by the shoes he wears and if you’re looking to embrace that ideology, find yourself a pair of footwear that not only look good, they even feel good. They won’t just be impressing others at every occasion but even you. It has been pathologically confirmed that they provide you with the ultimate comfort, and when it comes to the question of style, you don’t need any third party to establish that, you can do that for yourself.

We believe that fashion is comfort, and confidence comes best from within. It is when you feel the contentment, that you look happy. Amongst these swelters, everyone aspires to muster even the tiniest shreds of ease, and here is perfect way to begin that consolidation!

Say “Goodbye” To Smelly Feet

Freshness is what keeps us alive, and Scentra has found an excellent way to prolong that freshness throughout the day. So say goodbye to worn-out and smelly feet because with scented casual shoes for men, you can flounce even at twenty-fourth hour.