Enjoy your “Soleful” Weekend With Scentra Shoes

Gearing up for a comfortable weekend? Must be ready with all your shorts, flip-flops and all, right? Just because you are in a relaxed mood, doesn’t mean you should let your style slide flat with some basic styling. There is a famous saying, “It’s good to be known for your shoes, but it’s always BETTER to be known for your soles’, it is time to prove it correct. We have assembled some casual looks with casual sneakers for men that will pep up your weekend look with their casual styling and comfort:

Knitra Shoes- Better Bend Than Break


Breathable, scented, flexible and comfortable are some characteristics of these Knitra shoes. Its flexibility element will always keep your feet relaxed and easy to move when you are on weekend. These shoes can bend easily and these shoes are probably the best in Summer season. So, no matter whether you are on an adventure trip or a laid back beach weekend, these shoes will give your feet an utmost comfort as the sole of the shoes offers flexibility with durability. These fully flexible shoes can be carried with your comfortable cotton shorts which is styled up basic tee.

Madrid Shoes- Colorful Charm


When it comes to colorful feet, Madrid shoes by Scentra which complement your overall look with their vividly vivacious colors. Colors add life to your style, create your own rainbow by adding colorful collection of Madrid to look lively and zesty. Weekend look calls for colors, so team these shoes with your basic colors or earthy hues to boost the overall look of these colorful shoes.

Sakura Shoes- Fancy Embellished Shoes

Who says that embellishments are meant only for clothes? How about wearing embellished shoes with solids? Nice idea! Pair these embellished sneakers with your crisp white jeggings and ruffled top and can be complemented with a jute basket hat.


The aforesaid sneaker shoes are perfect weekend shoes, so it is time now to explore our online store and choose your favourite style from a wide range of lightweight and celebrity shoes online.


Casual Shoes To Keep You Cool All Season Long!


No one can ever have too many shoes, but even if that’s not you, you wouldn’t hesitate before buying one of these. Once the temperature gets berserk, everyone wants to savor each moment of comfort. Scentra shoes has embodied certain qualities that assure us that the future holds amazing innovations. These shoes have a certified orthopedic sole, which reassures each buyer that it you are going to right within your comfort zone throughout the swelters and sweats. Along with that it consists of a scented insole, so that you never have to worry about any odor as you don’t have to worry about your looks.

To add the final star, these shoes are made up of a breathable, eco-friendly fabric that helps you take credit for reducing the carbon footprint on the earth. Scentra scented shoes work with everything— the weathers, the mutable fashions and to top it all, almost everything in your wardrobe. You may splendid hues, earthy tones, denims, pants, shorts—hellfire, they even look extraordinary with your formal suit.

Printed Sneakers for Men


A man his judged by the shoes he wears and if you’re looking to embrace that ideology, find yourself a pair of footwear that not only look good, they even feel good. They won’t just be impressing others at every occasion but even you. It has been pathologically confirmed that they provide you with the ultimate comfort, and when it comes to the question of style, you don’t need any third party to establish that, you can do that for yourself.

We believe that fashion is comfort, and confidence comes best from within. It is when you feel the contentment, that you look happy. Amongst these swelters, everyone aspires to muster even the tiniest shreds of ease, and here is perfect way to begin that consolidation!

Say “Goodbye” To Smelly Feet

Freshness is what keeps us alive, and Scentra has found an excellent way to prolong that freshness throughout the day. So say goodbye to worn-out and smelly feet because with scented casual shoes for men, you can flounce even at twenty-fourth hour. https://www.scentra.com/